Multiple positions platforms - Double car stacker B26

Double Car Stacker System.
Loading capacity 2600 Kg developed to maximize the garages height and space otherwise useful for 1 car only.

The Β26 is controlled by an Electro-Hydraulic Pump equipped with a "dead man" presence Push Button Board.

The High Quality Materials used and the manufacturing care as well as the coating treatments, guarantee the product. Durability and Long Life Span, either for closed as well as open environment installation and use.
The  Β26 is homologated and certified with CE mark.

- 2 Cars Parked on the same space used for 1 car.
- No need of additional masonry work.
- Easy to install and reduced overall dimensions.
- Safety Systems to protect Persons and Vehicles as well.
- Short Raising and Lowering cycle time.
- Platform Height can accommodateevery type of vehicle.
- Very low maintenance and utilization costs.
- Comply with Main European Quality and Safety Standards.

- Torsion Bar to stabilize the Platform in case of unbalance weight
  distribution load.
- Hydraulic Lifting System.
- Electro-Mechanic Safety Device with Electro-Magnetic Clutch.
- Hydraulic Safety: Oil Non-Return Valve and Built in Cylinder Safety
- Hot Galvanic Coated Platform as Standard.
- "Dead man" Presence Control Board With Low Power Supply
- Active and Passive Safety Device for all Lifting and Stopping
- Power  1,5 Kw
- Power supply  220V1/50Hz  or 230-400V/3/50Hz.
- Sound level   70dB.

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